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U-SaveMore Tree Service handles residential and commercial tree pruning, trimming and reduction in Grayson, Snellville and all of Gwinnett County. From large oak trees to smaller ornamental trees. Fine-pruning trees in your landscape takes skill and is as much of an art as a science.

Tree Pruning

Pruning back overgrowth lightens the load on over-burdened branches and reduces wind-sail, greatly improving the tree's safety risk, while leaving valuable shade. Pruning and thinning tree maintenance prolongs a tree's lifespan too, since we're shaping the tree in ways that allow new and future growth to occur in the right places and in proper directions, improving the capacity for greater natural growth.

Periodic tree maintenance via pruning, trimming, and thinning is important in Georgia especially for appearance and safety because it helps sculpt or train the tree, forcing it to grow how we want it to. Left to its own, a tree will often grow in strange and unmanageable directions. As the unmanaged and over-weighted tree grows larger and heavier each year, it can actually kill itself by essentially splitting in half (often in a heavy wind), destroying the cambium and its ability to grow. Even if the tree survives, the exposed and ripped-apart areas where the breaks occur are an open invitation for insect infestation (then a slower, painful-to-watch death takes place).

Tree Trimming and Pruning Gwinnett County

Fine Pruning

Strategically and selectively removing specific branches, carefully shaping the tree, is sometimes called fine pruning. Anyone can chop branches off a tree, but we regard fine pruning as art form, because we are carefully forming an aesthetically-perfect tree (and thus allowing future growth to occur correctly and naturally). Some inexperienced companies are more haphazard and take a very short time, presumably because they just don't understand or care about the "art" (or perhaps to low-ball their bid), but you definitely will get what you pay for.

Trimming and thinning

Trimming and thinning trees is an important and often-overlooked necessity in tree maintenance. Thinning removes unwanted excess branch growth, deadwood, and debris - removing a favored breeding ground for insects that damage and kill trees.


Reducing the size - height or width - of a tree and/or its canopy is known as Reduction. The wrong way is "pollarding" (topping) a tree, which was common in the past but is acknowledged today by tree experts and arborists as a very bad tree maintenance practice. Abruptly lopping off the top/s of a tree's crown/s causes deformation and what grows up are groups of "finger branches" that trap leaves and debris, which fosters rot (included bark) and insect infestation, as well as dangerous wind-sail. Reducing a tree the right way involves cutting multi-pronged branches back to their main laterals and, again, the strategic removal of specifically-selected branches,. The appearance of the tree becomes centered and balanced, and also improves the tree's safety risk.

U-SaveMore Tree Service has specialized in tree pruning, thinning, trimming, and reduction since 1989. Let us show you why.

Tree Services

U-SaveMore Tree Service uses everything from bucket trucks to cabling, rigging and good old fashioned hard work to make sure your property is taken care of. We specialize in a variety of projects, including:

  • Tree removal
  • Pruning, Trimming & Reduction
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Dangerous and Hazardous Tree Removal
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Lot Clearing Services
  • Cat Rescue

Always right the first time. Period!

U-SaveMore arborists are educated and experienced in arboriculture, so you can be confident that with us, your trees will be in very capable hands. We only hire highly skilled climbers with years of experience and make sure they are trained by certified arborists. You won’t receive a price quote until we’ve had a chance to properly inspect the site first-hand. You’re not JUST A CUSTOMER. To us, you are family.

About The Owner

Jim Harris, the owner of U-SaveMore Tree Service, has over 30 years of experience in Tree Service and Removal and is passionate about exceeding your expectations. Jim has won several tree climbing competitions, placing 1st in the Florida Chapter Tree Climbing Competition in 2000. In 2003 Jim went on to win 1st place in the Georgia Arborist Association and placed 2nd in the Southern Chapter Tree Climbing Championship. Jim has over 30 years of experience as a certified arborist and is skilled in training of operations in equipment and hazardous tree removal. You'll appreciate his commitment to safety and quality workmanship!

To arrange an appointment with one of our arborists, contact us today. We service Snellville, Loganville, Grayson and all of Gwinnett County and the surrounding.

U-SaveMore Tree Service

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They did an excellent job trimming up an overgrown tree in front of our home. They are very professional and gave us a great price! I can’t speak enough about how pleased I am that I found them! We will definitely be using them again and again!

Jim came by to give me an estimate for removing a large area of overgrown cypress trees, two old telephone poles and overgrown thatching. The pricing was great so I agreed. He and his crew started on my backyard an hour later and finished in two and a half hours! Am beyond pleased with the work by Jim and his crew. Phenomenal Job!

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